From birth, our name is stuck with us. Given to us by our parents who longingly looked through books to find the perfect fit. Some of us believe our name matches our personalities perfectly, while others may adopt a new name because their one just won’t do! Nicknames are developed over time as we get older and we choose our own name fate. But what makes our name so important? It’s quite simple really. It belongs to us, it is our label and our individuality, and that is what makes personalised gifts so special.

When we see something with our own name on it we feel like we can relate to it. It makes us feel special and that the gift is really personal, which is why we love creating Jewellery and gifts that can be personalised with your name. So many of our customers when calling up for a gift want something that they can add a name to, to let the recipient know that thought and care went in to choosing their present. Whether you want to add your own name, a friends or family members, we have something for everyone.

Take a look through a selection of our most popular items you can personalise with a name. We’re certain anyone would feel special to receive one of these beautiful personalised gifts!

Sterling Silver Personalised Birthstone Name Necklace

Personalised Birthstone Sterling Silver Heart Pendant - 2 Names

Oval Personalised Crystal Friendship Bracelet

Personalised Heart Friendship Bracelet

The Story Of Our Love Personalised Diamond Book Locket Pendant

The Story Of Our Love Personalised Diamond Book Locket Bracelet

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