We are very excited to introduce a new range of totally personal, unique and bespoke jewellery pieces. Our new personalised fingerprint jewellery range allows you to keep loved ones close to your heart forever, and to always remind you of the mark they left on your heart.

No two fingerprints are the same, making them the perfect way to symbolise the uniqueness of those closest to your heart. Whether it is for a loved one who has passed away, or a keepsake for a new grandchild, these fingerprint pieces make for a gorgeous gift. These pendants bring comfort to so many people who are dealing with loss, and find they can truly begin to grieve when they are satisfied in the knowledge that a unique and personal piece of their loved one will forever be by their side and close to their heart.

These pendants are expertly designed to be perfectly unique and personal for each customer, turning the fingerprints we receive from ink and image to a beautifully engraved keepsake that can be treasured forever. If you are looking for a memorial gift or keepsake for yourself, friends or family, then make sure to look at the beautiful pendants that feature in this collection.

We’d love for you to show us your fingerprint pendant by sending us a picture of what you bought! Just use the hashtag #beunique on Facebook and Instagram!

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