Here at Just Between Us we understand that jewellery can be more than just an accessory. Our Remembrance and Sympathy collection is full of beautiful items that many of our customers love to have as a keepsake to bring comfort to themselves or their loved ones while they grieve. These timeless keepsakes can be given at any time of the year to remind somebody of a lost loved one, a beloved pet or perhaps to be put away for grandchildren to receive in the future.

One of the hardest things to deal with during grief is not hearing your loved ones name. Although people may refrain from speaking of the person or pet that you have so sadly lost, their name is actually the one thing you really want to hear. Buying a personalised piece of jewellery with your loved ones name engraved on it can be the perfect gift. This is a beautiful way of keeping their name and memory alive, and the sentimental value is something you could never put a price on.

A pendant such as our stunning Angel Wings Personalised Diamond Crystal Locket Bracelet, engraved with the message ‘In the arms of an Angel’, is very popular for people who want to keep the item close to their heart. So many people find comfort in keeping this beautiful locket physically near their heart, as this symbolises the closeness they shared and the love they will forever hold on to. Our Angel Wings collection brings comfort to many people who believe that the people no longer with them are watching over them with the angels, and are safe in the Angel’s wings.

Buying a remembrance item during the mourning period can be difficult. Whether as a gift or for yourself, we feel that adding a heartfelt message gives the item that personal touch and makes the product even more special and unique. We have many beautiful items that can be personalised, such as our Footprints collection. By adding your own words to accompany our sentiment ‘You’ll never walk alone’, the item becomes a gift that will be cherished forever. The wording you choose, which is written from the heart and full of meaning, will help to ease the pain and it will always be a reminder of the person that has passed away. This beautiful item will bring peace and comfort at such a difficult time, and will continue to do so in the years that follow.

Whether it is a family member, a child, a friend or pet who has passed away, we feel we have many beautiful personalised gifts that will be suitable for anyone who is suffering from loss. Keep an eye out for future posts relating to remembrance, we are always introducing new items to our collections and we hope that we can help to bring some comfort to our customers and readers, both through our personalised gifts and hopefully in future posts. .

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