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Just About our Jewellery

Here at Just between Us we aim to help you find that unique jewellery piece that you have been searching for either for yourself or for friends and family. This is why we share our passion with you in handcrafting a one off bespoke piece of jewellery just for you…… from the design concept to the exclusive, signature gift wrap that our delightful jewellery collections arrive in.

Whether it’s for a present or anniversary, each jewellery piece has a space either on the product itself or on a sentiment booklet for you to add your own personal message allowing you the chance to design a truly special, unique piece of jewellery.

Here’s the story of how our jewellery is created………

We take great care at every stage in the making of our jewellery to ensure that we can offer you only the highest quality using the latest modern technology combined with expert craftsmen who add that finishing personalised touch. We are proud of what we create and the people who work with us from the first design ideas through to the final hand crafted finish on all our pieces.

We work with some of the UK’s leading Jewellery designers and craftsmen, they are inspired by our quest to tell stories of love and friendship through the giving of personalised jewellery, whether between a Mother and Daughter, Father and Son, the love and bonds between families and friends are universal and by celebrating those bonds and recreating memories we make them stronger.

Firstly the Designs are sketched out on paper and refined many times before we finally start work to create the original piece.

With the final design decided the craftsman will begin work in carving out the intricate detail into metal or wax, over many hours this original piece is perfected before it can be used to create the final jewellery for sale. Using the original piece as a model a limited number of castings are made from pewter or sterling silver and then polished by hand and set with Swarovski crystals and precious stones such as Diamonds, finally the pewter is then richly plated in 24ct Gold or Rhodium for a luxurious and long lasting finish. We are using Rhodium due to it being a hard and durable metal that is highly reflective which is why it is the finish of choice for top end fine jewellery. This beautiful metal is a member of the platinum family and as such is extremely valuable.

It takes many years apprenticeship before these artisan skills are perfected, and by working with only the best people we can guarantee the quality of our Jewellery.

If you wish to find out any more about how our jewellery is made or the materials we use please email us at customercare@justbetweenus.co.uk

Just Enjoy!

Design Stage      Final Product    

Designers initial concept drawing

Finished unique product

Exclusive signature gift wrap